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Admin Help

When the admin controls are on, you can make changes to the questions and the responses. You can also see control information like question and response IDs and types.

Each response is either linked to another question, or it will lead to the end of the conversation.

When you click on "Add Link", it lets you enter a new question or the ID of an existing question. To enter (and create) a new question, just type it as you would like it be displayed. For example, "Do you believe in God?". To link to an existing question, enter a "#" followed by the id of the question. For example, "#19".

To add a new response to the current question, type it in and click Submit. You can attach an existing response to the question by entering it's ID prefixed with "#", for example, "#123" If a normal user submits an alternative response, it is added to the list of responses for the question, but it will initially be "inactive" and appear in gray text. Inactive responses are not seen when the admin controls are off. You can toggle the active/inactive status of a submitted response by clicking "Toggle Active". You might want to optionally edit the text of the response first.

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